Continuing from yesterday.

11-12-09**Before you read this..No one is meddling in my relationship.. I just noticed PLENTY of times that other people have done it to others and i saw it on a site today.. so i feel like ranting about it...**

Now... Listen.. Everyone knows you love your friends and all that shit...

But their relationship IS THERE OWN BUSINESS... thats great if they vent to you about their relationship..
Although..That is not inviting you to come into their relationship or personal affairs, If they start having problems... STAY OUT OF IT! ....Even if the one of the people are asking you to step in...they can not speak for both people!

The only reason an outsider should have a reason to step into a relationship is if they see someone is getting beat, or something like that...

other than that.... stay out of it... quit trying to start drama in the hopes that she will turn to you and get laid... Its pathetic.. Grow up we are not in highschool anymore people.

That is all...

I like this rant shit : )


Well I had calmed down a tid bit on this topic and was hoping to start on a new one this morning... But ...More of this drama caught my eye and I couldnt resist..I am curious what the viewers have to say on this topic..
If you have a friend going through a divorce or Rough patch in their relationship..((Where the other person had done nothing wrong they are just fighting alot)) Do you stick you head in where it doesnt belong and make the situations worse?
While im starting to think about this...
What kind of friend purposesly bashes a relationship at its weakest time?
I watch it over and over.. A couple starts having a rough patch and that ONE friend is always there to swoop in on the situation and make everything so much worse and add drama to the situation.. Swaying a friends opinion at a time when they are so fragile could mess up there whole life.
Do people actually realize how much friends hang onto eachothers every word and how seriously they take them.
Think of it this way... Would you want someone to mess up your life so they could get their drama fill for one day?



  1. I would give my advice if she asked for it. I know that during a fight, I just want a friend that takes my side. I would hope to have someone agree with me so I could feel "right" but at the same time, I wouldn't want her to trash my mans name either... KWIM?

  2. I do get what you say. I agree with you. Im talking about when advice is asked for it is ok to be given, But openly inviting yourself into someone elses relationship and thrashing the other person is uncalled for and immature. It frustrates me how much Lately I have watched outsiders basically take control and corrupt anothers relationship.

  3. Well, how would outsiders KNOW anything about the relationship if someone INSIDE hadn't brought them into it. I think if you're gonna bring a person into your relationship, you're asking for trouble!